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simon pearce

April 7, 2011

vermont has a very special place in my heart. as a child i spent many vacations exploring its woods and experiencing its landscape. i spent winters there learning to ski and to love the crisp cold sound of snow underfoot. eventually i attended college there and lived some of the most important years of my life. 

vermont is a state unlike any other, handmade has always been and remains a way of life. hard work, creative thinking & kindness are the most valued traits a person can possess. when i am an old woman i hope to own a little piece of land with a brook running though the back in a sweet little town somewhere in the state. there i will master the art of fly fishing, raise bees and grow things from the earth….

as a child i have vivid memories of visiting the studios of Simon Pearce. the pottery and glass blowing were equally captivating. the studio sits in a mill at the crest of a huge falls on the Ottauquechee River. through a maze of things i could never touch and down into the belly was where the demonstrations happened. so vivild is this experience etched into my mind i can still feel the heat of those fires on my face. 

it is a beautiful company with an inspired history. i was thumbing through their catalogue last evening and couldnt help but share some of their work – 
brookfield nesting bowls; hartland candlesticks; corinth thistle vase; barre serving bowls

Woodblock Printing – the work of Sabra Field

January 13, 2010

i cant not believe that i havent posted about this wonderful artist before!! im not sure how that happened, especially since i have one of her gorgeous prints hanging in my house – i look at every day! the one below is the one I have-

The artist is Sabra Fields, and a few years ago i had the distinct pleasure of meeting her at her home studio where she walked me through her art making practice. She uses a version of ancient woodblock printing. Her home, an old farm house nestled into a valley in the GREAT state of Vermont – along with the field off the back and beyond that a pond where otters can be seen romping around is more than inspirational.

She is an artist who followed her heart and passion and has been able to create beautiful works for more than 30 years! i cant express enough how moved i am by her and her work – it really strikes a deep cord with me – i get tingles looking at these prints

im really into the snow at night prints if you havent noticed – it reminds me of so many of the reasons i loved living there – that crispy sound fresh snow makes on a freezing cold vermont night – there is no better sound

she makes a lot of different prints, not just of the rolling vermont landscape – i love this little red boat and the artichoke too!