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little bits of velvet

May 10, 2011

lately ive been noticing little bits of velvet here and there. it seems that many of the photos i have pulled in the last little while have incorporated velvet fabrics into their scheme. i love the bit of luxury and instant depth it adds to these interiors
i first started thinking about the material after spying this handsome devil a few months ago

these interiors all seem to remind me of a tucked away country home & the velvet effortlessly adds qualities of a more relaxed, lived in vibe, something im quite fond of. while avoiding feeling too formal or fussy. which is what i normally equated with velvets. im not sure how well velvet would sit in my san francisco apartment however. does the fairly temperate climate really suit such a material? 

images. stylemadesimple, emmasdesignblog, canadian house&home, (final 2) simon upton