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for love of: laura letinsky

May 12, 2011

 recently ive been thinking about the work of laura letinsky. i attended a lecture of hers about a year ago and ive been rolling her images over in my mid alot as of late. 

like modern day vanitas they have a persistent quality of absence. i find myself studying them for clues about who has just left the room and the lives contained just outside the frame. 

beautiful to look at – soft but striking pallets and lots of little details to captivate. 

dutch masters – floral inspiration

June 3, 2010

…….yesterday morning i made little trip and spent a whole afternoon with lots of lovely flowers from the san francisco flower market. absolute bliss…..
i throughly enjoyed this from start to finish… picking out a few bunches of well priced flowers….
collecting some of my favorite vessels from around the house and borrowing a few things from the etsy shop
and a bit of inspiration all a vermeer and other lovely vanitas painters ……