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ode to chemex

October 19, 2011

i think i must have breakfast on the brain… the mornings here in san francisco have been spectacular, clear and bright and crisp and i have been soaking up every glorious moment. I also switched over to a chemex coffee pot for the morning’s wake-up call. I have to say after using a french press the chemex is the bees knees! 
Im more than a little obsessed with it, both from a perfect cup angle and a design perspective. I love its shape and the way it looks all set up with the paper filter and rich coco-black coffee inside & to top it all off that little wooden collar and rawhide tie. I think its so chic. 

 anatomy of the chemex.

whats funny is that until i came to sf (i also think grad school had something to do with it) i didnt even drink coffee! but with such a strong culture around the stuff here on the west coast i acclimated rather quickly and have surely been making up for lost time. 

images can be found on my Chemex pintrest board

russel wright

October 10, 2011

part of what i love about the designers of the 20th century is their belief that everyone deserved to have access to beautifully conceived and executed pieces for the home & office. perhaps that is why they have stood the test of time and are still on many of our wish lists…. 

after spending time with leslie williamson’s handcrafted modern, i have been sort of smitten with the designs of russel wright. i feel like ive learned a new word and am hearing it everywhere. perhaps best known are his ceramic designs, elegantly organic in soft color tones. but he also designed furniture pieces and his own home. 

pitchercups and saucers, tea pot, places setting1stdibs andirons, chairs

impossible project

September 15, 2011

tucked in one of my draws at my parents house i always remember having this very good looking old camera. im not exactly sure where it came from, but was most likely a holdover from my grandfather’s days at polaroid. he worked there for many years. lately i found myself thinking about it, it just sort of kept rubbing at me and so when my parents came for a visit a few weeks ago i asked them to bring it along. 

 a few years back while in graduate school i remember a buzz about a few individuals who were embarking on a mission, an impossible project. they were going to begin to try and reproduce a polaroid type film. as the stars aligned and this camera kept rubbing in my mind i tracked down this group of individuals, who are indeed producing a polaroid film for the exact camera that was (until 3 weeks ago) sitting in a draw at my parents house – the camera is the SX-70 and the film is produced by The Impossible Project.  –pretty sexy design on the camera, no?

 i am incredibly excited that this group has taken a risk and succeeded, thank you. These are my first three shots; at 3$ a shot and 8 sheets a pack selectivity is the name of the game, but this is a game im excited to delve further into. 

handcrafted modern

September 14, 2011

i have been spending the last few days with leslie williamson’s book Handcrafted Modern. its is a beautiful collection of images that give us a quiet glimpse into the home of many of my/our most admired american artists. 

i have been waiting for a bit for this book on the list at the local library and i do think it well worth the wait. at first glance i loved the all-over look of this book, it is a perfect compliment to whats inside its pages, from the cover material to the font to the image. it looks gorgeous (library stickers & all) sitting on my coffee table

what is inside is just as wonderful. williamson shoots everything on film, on a larger format camera. This quality of the image becomes the unifying voice of the book. i appreciate her brief introductions at the beginning of each home – she does not try and give a history lesson or explain the importance of each artist to the american/global design world, she simply gives us a hint at what it was like to be standing in the living room of george nakashima or having lunch with jens risom. it is first and foremost a book of photography. 

for me this is a great part of its success the other is her ability to capture the broadness of each space. you feel like the inhabitant is standing just out of frame. 
i havent been able to stop looking through it or thinking about it when i have put it down..a good indication for me that i should go ahead and purchase a copy of my own. 

williamson also has a wonderful blog.……

organic elegance. michael coffey

September 13, 2011

when i saw an image of michael coffey’s satan’s tongue table i was speechless – completly captivated by the fluidity, my eye enveloped in the curves. i can imagine this table in my house in an instant – im on a mission to see one in life. 

Coffey is a self-taught woodworker from ny who spent some time in the new hope, pennsylvania area. i can see so much influence from the 60’s modernists like nakashima in the pieces but an independent perspective – i love the play of heaviness and lightness in his work. 

he began taking commissions in 1980 and each piece is handcrafted for the specific customer. 


September 8, 2011

i have a deep affinity for boards; cutting, cheese, charcuterie etc. i have quite a collection at this point and use them for all sorts of serving options.

a big party or just me at the breakfast table…it doesn’t really matter. paired with a blanket or vintage tablecloth they make the perfect picnic accessory too. 

Rilleau Leather

August 24, 2011

 recently I found a wonderful vermont company Rilleau Leather. It is a second generation family run business with roots in the modernist movement and artists colony of cape cod. Their exquisite craft produce beautiful knotted belts and bags that seem as though they would last a life time. Im enchanted as much with the story of this company as I am the beautiful work ~ 

 i love this belt – it just has such an elegance about it……

 their bags are pretty great too. that rolled knot…..

painting in dutch: erin spencer

August 9, 2011

i first found erin spencer‘s work while looking for a beautiful and meaningful wedding gift for one of my very dearest friends. when i came across her paintings of the sea it was love at first sight. the heavy textured brush strokes evoke all of the unrest of the sea but with a spectacular feeling of calm. erin painted the most beautiful harbor scape of portsmouth, nh -the town where my friend and her husband met and live- as a wedding gift for them.
her landscapes are incredibly beautiful too, they always seem to hover on the edge of verdancy. I love the palette of these.  i regularly check erin’s gallery, painting in dutch and etsy shop. she is always working away at something and its exciting to keep up with her and her work.

simon pearce

April 7, 2011

vermont has a very special place in my heart. as a child i spent many vacations exploring its woods and experiencing its landscape. i spent winters there learning to ski and to love the crisp cold sound of snow underfoot. eventually i attended college there and lived some of the most important years of my life. 

vermont is a state unlike any other, handmade has always been and remains a way of life. hard work, creative thinking & kindness are the most valued traits a person can possess. when i am an old woman i hope to own a little piece of land with a brook running though the back in a sweet little town somewhere in the state. there i will master the art of fly fishing, raise bees and grow things from the earth….

as a child i have vivid memories of visiting the studios of Simon Pearce. the pottery and glass blowing were equally captivating. the studio sits in a mill at the crest of a huge falls on the Ottauquechee River. through a maze of things i could never touch and down into the belly was where the demonstrations happened. so vivild is this experience etched into my mind i can still feel the heat of those fires on my face. 

it is a beautiful company with an inspired history. i was thumbing through their catalogue last evening and couldnt help but share some of their work – 
brookfield nesting bowls; hartland candlesticks; corinth thistle vase; barre serving bowls