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Sneak Peek

March 28, 2012

 I love the incredible beauty wrapped up in these utilitarian pieces. Simple lines of form and function rule and the bits that make me weak in the knees come only with time and use. I strive to surround myself with pieces that inspire but that is not to say that I want a house filled with precious objects. In fact quite the opposite is true. I want my life to be reflected in the objects around me in the most tangible of ways – look at the yellowware batter bowl below for example. It has been worn in such a way that could only be achieved over many many years of stirring in that same bowl. How many meals were started here.  This aged beauty stops me in my tracks. Perhaps not a batter bowl anymore but certainly perfect for mounds of fruit or other such unruly pantry staples…. all of these lovely things will be coming to the shop very soon. 

 Though not specifically about the kitchen~ the wear, utility and age are as evident in these pieces as in any above. 

looks for these pieces and more in the shop over the next few days 

Karl and Ester – Farmhouse chic

September 9, 2010

recently ive been really drawn to very simple things, im usually pretty casual in my all around philosophy but ive been even more aware of textures, natural colors and patinas. I cant help but think that im channeling the scandinavian roots of my great grand-parents, Karl and Ester, who’s farm the shop is named after


They emigrated from Sweden around the turn of the century and lived in an adorable but very utilitarian farmhouse. Ive had my eye on a lot of farmhouse items with a scandinavian bent recently…here a little sneak peek of whats coming to the shop soon!