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impossible project

September 15, 2011

tucked in one of my draws at my parents house i always remember having this very good looking old camera. im not exactly sure where it came from, but was most likely a holdover from my grandfather’s days at polaroid. he worked there for many years. lately i found myself thinking about it, it just sort of kept rubbing at me and so when my parents came for a visit a few weeks ago i asked them to bring it along. 

 a few years back while in graduate school i remember a buzz about a few individuals who were embarking on a mission, an impossible project. they were going to begin to try and reproduce a polaroid type film. as the stars aligned and this camera kept rubbing in my mind i tracked down this group of individuals, who are indeed producing a polaroid film for the exact camera that was (until 3 weeks ago) sitting in a draw at my parents house – the camera is the SX-70 and the film is produced by The Impossible Project.  –pretty sexy design on the camera, no?

 i am incredibly excited that this group has taken a risk and succeeded, thank you. These are my first three shots; at 3$ a shot and 8 sheets a pack selectivity is the name of the game, but this is a game im excited to delve further into.