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wine list wednesday.

February 23, 2011

ok kids. this little bottle of chardonnay is gonna knock your socks off. the 2007 Pine Ridge Vineyard Dijon Clones. its amazingly rich and has such elegance. I think if i had to pick one bottle to drink for the rest of my life this might be it. 

this wine tastes like the work of honeybees in a summer orchard. and it smells just as amazing. it all so well balanced, super super smooth and just the right hint of fruitiness(white peach, a little citrus, and pineapple) to compliment the oak – something that can be tricky with chardonnay. sometimes it just tastes like you are licking the inside of an old wine barrel, you know what i mean? but this doesn’t its gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and it lovely flavor just lingers on your tongue. it will be a hit if you bring it as a gift or the star of the party. 
serve with: mussels. or nothing at all. just enjoy it. 35$.

from napa to france – with wine in between

August 15, 2009

last weekend i had a wonderful friend in town and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves galavanting around napa and the city of sf i must say – its always so much fun to show someone your home who has never been there before – and tonight i am off to visit another dear friend at her home in france – i can not wait – i know the conversations will be as warm as the weather and it will be nice to relax – below is a photo of our picnic from pineridge winery in napa and what i anticipate my upcoming week to be filled with – i just keep pinching myself!!

i will be doing lots of work while i am there for the blog and hopefully will have a few treasures to bring back for the shop too!
Cheers! see you in a week