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Summer Grilled Sandwich

July 4, 2018

In New England, the celebrations surrounding the 4th of July are palpable; parades, center of town concerts, strawberry shortcake festivals. Weeks in advance, the white clapboard houses lining the proverbial main street, north street and south street don their festive regalia in preparation for independence day celebrations. Flags and buntings unfurl from their wintry storage places, with a brisk dusting off, they begin to don the front porches and entryways of various houses. Planters and hanging baskets begin to fill with red white and blue petunia or begonia and window boxes are outfitted with miniature flags on little gold-capped wooden sticks, the very same that line the brick pathways leading from street to the front doors of many houses this time of year. While the 4th of July conjures this very specific imagery, it celebrations also manifest in the form of backyard picnics, cookouts and potlucks.

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from napa to france – with wine in between

August 15, 2009

last weekend i had a wonderful friend in town and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves galavanting around napa and the city of sf i must say – its always so much fun to show someone your home who has never been there before – and tonight i am off to visit another dear friend at her home in france – i can not wait – i know the conversations will be as warm as the weather and it will be nice to relax – below is a photo of our picnic from pineridge winery in napa and what i anticipate my upcoming week to be filled with – i just keep pinching myself!!

i will be doing lots of work while i am there for the blog and hopefully will have a few treasures to bring back for the shop too!
Cheers! see you in a week