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2017 Rhode Island Photography Workshop

December 8, 2016

Join us in Paradise! A three-day photography and styling workshop in Paradise Valley, Rhode Island with Betty Liu and me!

This January (20th – 22nd) we will call a beautiful  home. With sweeping ocean views and picturesque fields as our background we will nurture the creative spirit and delve into the photographic and creative process.

Tucked away in the beautifully updated Paradise Farmhouse at Norman Bird Sanctuary, we will exploring the art (and mechanics!) of photography and styling. You will learn how to and create, shoot & style food and still life scenes. We will discuss the use of natural light, camera mechanics, prop selection and scene creation continue reading

Boston Photography Immersion Class

June 1, 2016


Workshop with guest teacher Betty Liu

Thursday, June 23rd + Friday, June 24th 2016

Dinner | Loyal Nine Restaurant, East Cambridge MA

Workshop | Warehouse XI, Union Square Somerville MA

Time | 6:30-9:30pm Thursday & 8:30am – 5pm Friday

Price | SOLD OUT
Belkin Lookout Farm Edible Boston-18MV WORKSHOP -62I’m so excited to be hosting my first event here on the ground in Boston and I couldn’t think of a lovelier or more talented photographer to join me as a guest teacher than Betty Liu

Betty is not only a masterly photographer but an inspired cook with a gorgeous food blog and incredible command of flavours and ingredients. I am always inspired by her kitchen wizardrycottagefarm.krissyosheaphotography2016-255Together, Krissy & Betty will help you to learn camera basics and the process of photography including, how to use natural light, incorporating the human element and setting up a shot.

Please join us on Thursday 23 June for a dinner at Loyal Nine, one of the nation’s most creative and innovative new restaurants. Here we will enjoy offerings from their seasonally inspired colonialist revival menu and get to know one another. There will be a bit of a discussion over dinner on discovering inspirations and social media but mostly we can just kick back get to know new friends, enjoying good food and the conviviality of the table.  

The following day, Friday 24 June will be spent at WarehouseXI making images through hands on instruction. Our day will start with a light breakfast where we will dive right into shooting! Betty & Krissy will begin with a discussion on how to use a camera and will share their knowledge, experience and understanding of photography & the creative process. You will learn how to create and shoot still life scenes, how to use natural light, camera mechanics, prop selection and scene creation. Gathering again at the lunch table, we will have time to consider the mornings teachings and engage in a Q&A session. In the afternoon we will roll off into small groups so that you may set-up a scene to shoot yourself; building upon the morning’s lessons with guidance from Krissy & Betty.

In addition, you will also have an opportunity to shoot a live scenes and learn to capture movement during our cocktail making demonstration. A guest bartender will be creating something special just for us! And mixing it up on the day – a great opportunity to capture process in action.

Equipment needed | DSLR camera with manual setting options, Lens or lenses, Batteries and charger, Notebook

Please contact Krissy @ krissyoshea@gmail.com to reserve your spot 

*Please know that due to nature of the event, payment must be made in full at the time of registration and can not be refunded. Price of the ticket includes all dinner, breakfast and lunch costs and a cocktail.Zucchini Lemon Cake _ bettysliu-4



Food and Lifestyle Photography and Styling Workshop in Croatia

April 13, 2016




Join Sanda of LittleUpsideDownCake & me for a 5 night photography and lifestyle retreat in Croatia.


This October (5th – 9th) we will call the tiny island of Zlarin home. Set just a few miles offshore from the Croatian mainland, this picturesque island is one of the only a handful on the Adriatic Sea where  cars are not allowed, making it an idyllic spot to nurture the imagination and encourage relaxation.


Tucked away in this beautifully rugged little seaside paradise, dotted with fig and cypress trees, we will have the chance to fill our lungs with fresh salty air and awaken our creative spirits. Here, in this intimate setting, we will delve into the creative process, exploring the art of photography and styling. You will learn how to create, shoot & style still life scenes and we will discuss the use of natural light, camera mechanics, prop selection and scene creation.


Over the 5 days, we will also explore the local lifestyle and regional cuisine of the island from leisurely al fresco lunches in the garden to boat rides on the brilliant blue Adriatic. A visit to one of the area’s most well known vineyard is also on the itinerary.  


While days will be dedicated to learning and exploration, evenings will focus on the simple joys of gathering, sharing meals and  the camaraderie of conversation. This time to reflect and relax is as important as our information filled days to fostering the creative process and finding personal inspiration. Our rustic island house will serve as the gathering space for us throughout the workshop and its large table a lively assembling place.


We hope you will join us in Croatia this October! We look forward to meeting you.

_MG_8081 lisbon.krissyosheaphotography2015-7_MG_8556


– dates: 5th – 9th of October

–  island Zlarin, Croatia

– price: 1400€

– 10 participants

– 3 whole days of food and lifestyle photography

– 4 breakfasts

– 3 lunches

– 4 dinners

– drinks and snacks during the workshop


Transportation, outings and accommodation covered in the cost of the ticket

Nearest major airports are Zadar and Split  

There are daily ferries to and from the mainland. Ferries leave from Sibenik

Please note, airfare and transportation to the workshop is not included in the ticket price

Rooms and beds are shared (*or you have the option to arrange your own accommodation on the island, if you do not wish to share beds)

Deposit of 50% is needed for registration and a final payment will be due August 31, 2016.

There will be no refunds on cancellation.

For reservation please contact us on: krissyoshea@gmail.com or little.upside.down.cake@gmail.com and we will send you more details.MG_6927  cottagefarmcity.krissyosheaphotography2016-37

for love of: laura letinsky

May 12, 2011

 recently ive been thinking about the work of laura letinsky. i attended a lecture of hers about a year ago and ive been rolling her images over in my mid alot as of late. 

like modern day vanitas they have a persistent quality of absence. i find myself studying them for clues about who has just left the room and the lives contained just outside the frame. 

beautiful to look at – soft but striking pallets and lots of little details to captivate. 

mario giacomelli

February 8, 2011

Mario Giacomelli is a photographer i have long admired. as a fledgeling photography student my first encounter with the work of maria giacomelli was one of curiosity and amazement. here was a respected (albeit its something of a cult following) photographer breaking almost every rule of the medium as i understood it. 

he was a print maker by trade and used the camera not as some marvel of technology, but as a tool. a tool to accomplish the surreal, haunting and poetic photographs for which he is known. his camera was closer to a handmade pinhole camera than anything and for the most part he captured images of his world. the landscape, village and people amongst whom he lived and worked and eventually died. with a few exceptions he did not venture out of his hometown to photograph and this relationship makes for even more introspective photograph of landscape and human condition. 

i could go on and on, but with giacomelli’s work especially it is simply best to just experience it for yourself. in all honesty many of his images boarder on frightening. it has taken me years to be able to look some of them in the face, but i think on some level its more that he is holding up a mirror to the very aspects of the human condition we fear most.

Cape Light – Joel Meyerowitz

August 24, 2010

its finally summer here in San Francisco – most of us were thinking it wouldnt happen, but here it is!

yesterday on sfgirlbybay, victoria took us on a tour of martha’s vineyard. it made me long for my childhood summers on the cape and islands. i swear there is something magical that exists only there and no where else.

photographer Joel Meyerowitz captures my feelings for this place so well. his photos from the series Cape Light serve to satiate my longing…at least for now.
hope you enjoy