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Cottage Farm Nursery Reveal

October 4, 2018

This post has been a long time coming, but today I’m excited to share the reveal of the Cottage Farm nursery. As our renovation on the city cottage progressed this past year, it became clear that we would need to move out in order to complete the remaining work… ah the best laid plains. So, while we had planned to spend the early weeks after baby in the city, things didn’t quite shape up that way – instead of having baby come home to life in the city, we set up a sweet little nursery at the farm.

I’m so thrilled to introduce Pehr Designs and Kalon Studios – and delighted to have been able to partner with these two amazing businesses for our nursery. I love them both for their elegant, beautifully understated designs and the level of sophistication their products brought to our nursery. They helped me achieve the serene cocoon I was hoping the nursery would be and put together a space we all love spending time in.  I’m excited to share it with you here – 

My design plan for the nursery was to create a space that was both elegant and serene while still being baby fun and inviting. I wanted a space for us to tuck baby in at night, a space where we could bond altogether as a family. Above all, I wanted the vibe to be peaceful and comfortable for all members of the family, visually pleasing and incredibly functional/practical. That translated to a quiet base palette filled with lots of different neutral textures, a bit of contrast and a touch of whimsy.

After many a late night Pintrest session, it was Pehr Design’s fun, sophisticated  Ivory Pom Pom Rug that became the anchor for the entire nursery. I quite literally built the design plan from this ground up. Next came a vintage chair – a gently rounded shape, with a lovely padded back, low arms and a hidden swivel. It was perfect, except for the bright, highly textured floral fabric covering it. I swapped its 80’s ensemble for a very soft and heavily textured  Kravet linen.  Next was to find the perfect crib –  I searched a variety of style, finishes and colors before coming to the Studio Kalon Caravan Crib It is a work of art unto itself, I loved it super clean lines, classic sensibilities and neutral finish. This Studio Kalon piece is crafted in the USA and doesn’t use toxic materials or finishes. It is a thoughtful, exquisite asset to our nursery and something we will be able to have in our home for years to come as it transitions with Ruairi well into his toddler years. 

Ruairi has slept in this crib since his first night at home after rejecting all the newborn pieces we had for him. I think, in large part, this is because of the Studio Kalon Dream No. 1 Mattress Before I began my research for the nursery, I had no idea just how many scary materials made up mattresses, especially those designed to be waterproof/flame retardant. But this mattress, like the crib, is thoughtfully crafted with only nontoxic and natural materials. And, on top of all of this, it feels incredibly luxurious and supportive for our little one’s growing and developing body. Given its small stature, multi use pieces and great storage are of course key in the nursery. I chose Pehr’s natural soft storage bins in a variety of sizes to help keep the order. They kept to my color palette (which I love) while adding that touch of whimsy with the understated pompom design. The variety of sizes is great for versatility and can change and grow as the little one’s needs change. The largest of the bins is currently doing duty as our hamper – for all the baby laundry, crib sheets and mattress covers. Something I hadn’t anticipated needing to change so very often! The smaller bins are perfect now on the changing table filled with diapering necessities and a medium one beside the nursing chair for swaddles and burp cloths.  The quilted changing pad cover is another place to add a bit of lightheartedness to the design of the room. It makes such a lovely touch to the changing station with it sweet pindot design 

Other textures came into the room with the addition of Stork blanket, and the Pom Pom pillow which is such a lovely size and shape for the nursing chair. The stork blanket is not only beautiful but makes a perfect little play mat when laid out on the PomPom rug 

I also fell in love with the Little Lamb Mobile – sophisticated and still playful with its nearly black and white scheme. Ruairi loves staring at when he wakes up in the morning. And, there have always been sheep at Cottage Farm, so its a whimsical nod to whats going on outside his window

The walls are painted in one of my favorite colors – Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball. I have used this color elsewhere in the farm-house and love its calming yet chameleon qualities. Spending lots of time in this room at different times of day necessitated an interesting wall color!

I really didn’t want the space to feel cluttered or over designed so I’ve added just a few other bits to round out the nursery. A very playful circular end table and a fun changing basket – which has proven clutch for a couple of unexpected on the go diaper changes. I also love the soft stuffed bunny & a simple striped throw blanket for chilly autumn mornings.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this revel of the Cottage Farm nursery space. Its been wonderful to share it with you.


*this post is sponsored. all opinions and reviews are my own.