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Monday Mood Board

July 2, 2012

Its a brand new month! Summer is fully upon us and in a few short days we will be gathering and celebrating American independence. 

I just cant believe i have been away from this space for almost an entire month. It has been filled with new experiences, friends, family, travels and of course a whole lot of work. I am excited to share over the next few weeks. 

But today Im kicking off my return with a blast of color and summer flavor. 

images: flag, watermelon, enamel, lounging, barn, lobsters, radishes, bar

Monday Mood Board

May 14, 2012

black & white is such a classic combination its sometimes hard to believe that it can also be so chic at times. It works just about everywhere from art to dress to rooms and it seems effortless too. 

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monday mood board

March 5, 2012

inspired by a beautifully quite weekend. It was filled with visual inspiration and slow afternoons. The alameda flea market happened on sunday and it was a perfect seventy degree day. I strolled through layers and layer of history for hours and hours. sheer bliss. a scant few items were chosen but they are pick of the litter.
on saturday i spent my weekend alone with my city. Sometimes in the hustle of it all I forget to stop and really look a the places around me. I poked into the public library, a few shops..i sat out at a sidewalk cafe with a cup of black tea and watched for a while…and i found a delicious new bakery to love which  makes a divine and very rustic baguette. 

tell me about your weekend……