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Hallway Inspiration

August 8, 2012

A defined entry has an important place in design. It should be welcoming, give a little hint of whats to come beyond the door and above all functional. 

When you move into a new place the possibilities seem endless and quite tangible, but then the newness wears off and you find yourself going day by day with things as they are. I think it takes a while of living somewhere to realize what problems there are to be solved and how to go about solving them. So its been a year and I have finally figured out how to remedy the little narrow hallway that leads into the house. (go here to see the paint before & after)

First I needed to understand what function the space had to serve…. storage, a place for shoes to go on and off, a spot for keys, extra light to shine into a dark closet and it all had to be 15″ wide or less. 

So a year later and I finally have a bit of inspiration for the space!

tray, decorative boxes, lamp, console, storage, stool, basket 


May 2, 2012

some lovely spaces that I have been looking at recently. I am feeling a bit uninspired when it comes to my apartment just now. Do you ever feel that way? Just a bit stuck I suppose and not sure what is the next move on the decorating front. I know it needs to be a bigger piece and I think this is what has me paralyzed, I haven’t seen anything I like just yet.  

I also need to make changes to the entryway. It needs to be more functional and thus the form needs to change. I know exactly what I would like to do but I cant seem to find the right pieces. Maybe I am too married to what i see in my head. I wish I could just sketch them and have someone make them for me. 

And finally the little eat in nook in the kitchen is feeling tired. I have been thinking something bold like glossy navy paint would spice it up but I find myself second guessing. Maybe I should just go for it? 

Anyway, I am off  a wedding for two dear friends in DC. Looking forward to being there to support them on their blissful day. Im hoping that going to this new place will bring winds of change too. Sometimes its good to step back.  
One place I am always feeling inspired though is on instagram (you can find me at cottage farm) and Im taking my polaroid with me to DC in the hopes of this beautiful tool coaxing me out of this little cloud. 

enjoy the rest of your week all. 

images: 1, 2, 3, 4

interior inspiration

February 8, 2012

kitchen envy. 

sorry for the shorter posts this week. Time is short here and im up the walls, but i hope youll enjoy drooling over this fabulous kitchen shot as much as i have. 

…. that sink fixture! 

image found here. 

American Modern

October 17, 2011

i have been spending a lot of time with Thomas O’Brien‘s “American Modern“. I know the book has been out for a while and you are probably familiar with it by now, but I just cant seem to get it out of my system now that its in my house. 

I am particularly drawn the the two houses that O’Brien has designed for himself – a 1930’s era apartment in Manhattan and a stunning federal colonial estate upstate that was once a boys school. There is so much to look at in each of the spaces (in fact he shows both incarnations of his city apartment so its really like seeing three houses). I admire his ability to be true to each of the spaces with such strict editing that they look as undersigned and unworked as you would want them to be. This I think is a skill which takes much practice and strictness. 

I love how we can see his progression as a designer through these three spaces. His first incarnation of the 1930’s apartment is very strict indeed, beautiful and effortless but you can visibly see how restrained he was in this first apartment. I love this. Its like getting a glimpse into the studio paintings of a great master, that timeline of inspiration to change fascinates me in every medium. 

It seems that in his Academy (the name of his upstate house) project he lets his strictness (but not his keen editing eye nor his mastery of textiles and mixing of periods) relax a bit and I just cant get over the results. It feels so personal but I could easily see myself living there as well.  I especially love how all of his spaces feel so gender neutral, the perfect balance. 


If you havent spent time with this book I highly reccomend it. I keep finding myself thinking about an image or phrase from the pages and going back to flip through and find what I’ve been thinking about. 


October 11, 2011

 im holding my breath looking at the gorgeous styling work of scott horne

 im wrapped up in the textures, rich colors and use of fabric…..

mark cunningham

September 1, 2011

 for me there are those certain spaces that stick in the corners of my memory, subconsciously perhaps, but forever bubbling to the surface. causing me to see certain things in certain way, and consider what i would not perhaps have before. this is the upstate new york home of designer mark cunningham. a sophisticated space that has me continuously captivate. 

i love how seamlessly the space is able to hold classic american and masculine pieces with gentler modern and natural, global nods. 

i really think its so simply beautiful… ooh and i love that unexpected barn light on the celling and that upholstered headboard wall. there are so many wonderful, elegant and quite places to look. it feels so calm. 
can you tell how much i love this space?

interior inspiration

July 13, 2011

i cant stop staring at this room. it seems so utterly simple, filled with neutrals and sparsely decorated – so many of the things i love so very much. 
but there are details that make this room extraordinary – those black handles on the windows, the unusual and unexpected shape of the chair, that touch of elegance in the chrome lamp.
-it feels so beachy & feminine without feeling at all contrived. i would like to sit awhile. 

image. amire weitzman’s home via designsponge

tine k home

July 8, 2011

i feel like ive fallen down a perfectly cozy little rabbit hole when looking at the catalogue photos from tine k home . beautifully rustic and simply elegant. im loving the moody grey/blue color palette. it seems chic on the one hand, while eliciting all the casualness of summer.

blueberries are arriving at the farmers market and im dreaming of my moms amazing morning muffins. perfect for a breakfast outside in big wicker chairs with a cup of tea – hopefully before anyone else is awake.