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rustic redefined. mexican pottery

October 20, 2010

i wanted to do a little post on something i love even though i dont have too many pieces of it in my house. ok truth be told i only have one piece. a big white tea cup painted with luscious deep blue flowers. i like it because it crosses a line for me between the formality of english china with the casual but inspired folk painting of scandinavian and mexican pottery. also it feels amazing in my hand in the morning.

but there are tons of beautiful examples of mexican pottery. If you haven’t guessed by now i love folk painting. my grandmother was a tole painter (ill be doing a post around thanksgiving on some of her work) and i think my appreciation of it came at an early age also the colors are typically vibrant and full of life. there is an effortlessness to all folk painting that attracts me but something else attracts me more. it is a style passed down through generation and generations of a culture. it adapts and changes while still adhering to traditional rules or guidelines.
here are some of my favorites from etsy.
the shapes are all irregular and weight and (typically) terra cotta materials give the pieces rustic feel. the brush strokes are honest but confident and there is a flow to the designs that are painted.

day tripping – angel island

May 26, 2010

i took a little outing this weekend – a very short but pleasant ferry ride from pier 41 to angel island. a strange vestige of american military history ranging from the civil war to the late 1960 – i HIGHLY recommend packing a picnic lunch and spending the day!
a little civil war era chapel –
the old hospital – i have a little dream that this would make a perfect B&B – its such a shame that all these old buildings are going unused because they are truly beautiful

i want to live here – look at that view!! hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour of angel island for more info click here
by the way i got to fire that cannon up at the top while out there! haha