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interior inspiration

April 27, 2011

i came across this little photo montage at stylemadesimple – it perfectly executes my idea of simple, unfussy & is something ide like to curl up into. 

the pairings of worn weathered wood and texture. the natural earthy color pallet 

i love that curled arm of the white sofa and the pretty muted colors of the pillow and blanket 

interior inspiration: modern farmhouse

April 11, 2011

 these two images have been on my mind often recently. i find myself referring back to them- each an utterance of a modern farmhouse. the rusticity i find myself craving; a bit of provencal, the handmade and folk blended seamlessly into a refined, sophisticated decor. well edited, each extracts the essential primitive simplicity of tools, furniture and wood while making parings, such as the lucite chair with the ruddy black desk that do not allow the look to slip into the dowdy or dated but be enveloped by utilitarian beauty. what do you think of these two spaces? 

both images via design*sponge sneak peek; heather chontossara bedford&alan hill 

home: vanessa bruno

March 7, 2011

i’ve had a very busy weekend – hitting what feels like every antique show and shop in the the massachusetts area. it has been wonderful so far and im looking forward to maine this week and an auction that looks quite promising. 

i am constantly thinking of how to make my life more simple in style and function. Vanesso Bruno is a constant source of inspiration – she manages to capture simple but chic in the same breath. she mixes suede sling chairs with airy floral pillows, makes wonderful use of paper lanterns and has just the right amount of farmhouse chic going on – whats not to love in the long wooden table. if you give the images a closer look there are so many carefully but care-free details to love. 

enjoy! im hitting the road but ill see  you back here tomorrow – 

images via: domino and photographs by birgittawolfgangdreger via thestylefiles

In with the Mid Century Modern : the finished product

January 20, 2011

im so! excited to share the sequel to In with the Mid Century Modern 

you all may remember that i found this chair in the back of a salvage truck on the street in san francisco. literally sitting atop a mountain of junk being removed from a basement somewhere around hayes valley. after a brief chat with the driver of this truck and a few eye rolls from SOS the chair was mine. 

and then the dilemma began. what?! was i going to use for fabric, what style cushion, what size cushion, welting or no welting. i must have looked at 50 different fabric and changed my mind 200 times. you can see my progress in this post. and in the end i chose exactly what i thought i didnt want at the start and i couldnt be more thrilled with the outcome. THRILLED!

 i took a risk (well risk for me anyway not for some) on the fabric choice. one day it was just like bam! sitting there at the fabric store right in front of me and i knew that was it. from there i let the fabric and the line of the chair guide me as far as cushion style and size. im so excited. 

i hope you enjoyed this little series and i would love to hear what you think.

 P.S. i picked up a new project last night and will be starting another little series on that. 

Sawkille Collective

December 8, 2010

im actually sorta at a loss for words – having just stumbled upon the beautiful work being made here at the Sawkille Collective.

tucked away in the catskill mountains a group of artists are working to create some of the most inspired american furniture i have ever seen. I love how it plays off the familiar shaker styles so indicative of this region – simple, functional,beautiful – but with an ultra modern twist.

bravo! i cant wait to visit and oh how honored i would be to have one of these extra lean stools in home

picture perfect.

October 25, 2010

im printing up some business cards (finally) and am trying to decide on a front image for a set of larger cards (4×6) im a bit indecisive in my choice – but have narrowed it down to these. I would love a little help from you all in the final cut. what do you think??

it seem to be coming down to two groups. flowers (above) and farmhouse (below)

thanks for your help

rustic redefined. mexican pottery

October 20, 2010

i wanted to do a little post on something i love even though i dont have too many pieces of it in my house. ok truth be told i only have one piece. a big white tea cup painted with luscious deep blue flowers. i like it because it crosses a line for me between the formality of english china with the casual but inspired folk painting of scandinavian and mexican pottery. also it feels amazing in my hand in the morning.

but there are tons of beautiful examples of mexican pottery. If you haven’t guessed by now i love folk painting. my grandmother was a tole painter (ill be doing a post around thanksgiving on some of her work) and i think my appreciation of it came at an early age also the colors are typically vibrant and full of life. there is an effortlessness to all folk painting that attracts me but something else attracts me more. it is a style passed down through generation and generations of a culture. it adapts and changes while still adhering to traditional rules or guidelines.
here are some of my favorites from etsy.
the shapes are all irregular and weight and (typically) terra cotta materials give the pieces rustic feel. the brush strokes are honest but confident and there is a flow to the designs that are painted.

Karl and Ester – Farmhouse chic

September 9, 2010

recently ive been really drawn to very simple things, im usually pretty casual in my all around philosophy but ive been even more aware of textures, natural colors and patinas. I cant help but think that im channeling the scandinavian roots of my great grand-parents, Karl and Ester, who’s farm the shop is named after


They emigrated from Sweden around the turn of the century and lived in an adorable but very utilitarian farmhouse. Ive had my eye on a lot of farmhouse items with a scandinavian bent recently…here a little sneak peek of whats coming to the shop soon!

take a seat

July 17, 2010

yesterday while making my thrift store rounds i spied this perfect chair in the drop-off pile on the side of the building. “Perfect” i thought, “exactly what ive been wanting” – and so off i went into the thrift store – on the way out i passed it again – still upside down in a pile with a bunch of old office rolling chairs – thinking they would never sell it to me out of the pile i just walked on by. but then 2 block away i turned around – “i at least have to ask” – and what do you know – the guy was all to happy to give it to me! After a very small charitable donation i am now the proud new owner of this “exactly what i wanted chair” …. i think it will look amazing with this pillow too!

New England Summer

July 9, 2010

Im feeling inspired by my time spent on the rocky maine coast already this summer and by the fact that i wake up to beautiful blue grey fog every morning here in san francisco

i made a treasury! thought i would share. hope you enjoy all these gorgeous etsy stores.