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Urban Cartel

May 31, 2012

 simple, beautiful utilitarian pieces with modern appeal fill the virtual shelves of Urban Cartel. I am smitten with the soft glazes and the controlled organic nature of this “contemporary porcelain” from the melbourne, australia shop

 I have mostly white dishes & prep bowls in my kitchen and any of these would easily accompany them. The thought of using the lipped bowls in my next (and probably unsuccessful) baking endeavor makes me quite happy indeed.  

Cottage Farm is 2

May 16, 2011

cottage farm is 2 today. i cant believe it!  i first opened the store to help me with the material expenses of grad school and since i graduated last year cottage farm has become a full time endeavor for me. thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, it has been at times challenging but also very rewarding.  i hope the next two years are as much fun as these have been. 

flowers for friday

May 13, 2011

 flowers for friday. purple artichoke, dusty miller & white ranunculus. i love this combination, rustic but refined and almost a black & white photo quality 

Hunt Collection

April 26, 2011

i wanted to share some of the inspiration behind the Hunt Collection. named for the author of my favorite cook book of all time- Peter Hunt’s Cape Cod Cookbook. Hunt was the artist behind peasant village & member of the provincetown community. the depth to which he was connected to his community is evident in this cookbook, which for me, is so full of magic it makes me catch my breath each time i crack its pages. the hunt collection is meant to embody the ease of summer living on cape cod. As chic as jackie o in the most light, breezy and effortless of ways. the collection lies somewhere between a day on a cape cod beach and a humid summer’s evening in the back yard with gin&tonics and loads of good friends – 
a pallet of sun drenched & salt bleached days. 

 the marriage of rusticity and refinement, the quintesential new england charm. 

i hope you enjoy the collection

*photos: unknown. esquire. flickr. cottagefarm;hunt collection

farmers market. the sweet taste of summer

April 25, 2011

strawberries. synonymous with all things summer. they are finally ready. for the last few weeks we have been waiting and tasting the samples, but they werent ready. didnt have that sweet juicy ripeness that only the proper amount of summer sun can bring. so patient we had to be. yesterday however, all the sun and starts had aligned in the strawberry world and they were ready. 
they were still quite dear though, 3.50$ for a small pint, but the reward was worth it. i managed to get a photo before the were gobbled up – over yogurt with fresh local honey. 
next week i am hoping to make some sort of dessert, im still waiting for them to be at the market in abundance. but im thinking something with strawberries, basil and rich dark balsamic. maybe cheese cake. also isnt the linen i photographed them on divine. a huge thick linen kitchen towel, coming to the shop this week. 

i also found this beautiful food blog. My New Roots over at thecitysage. the recipes look gorgeous. i can not wait to try a few of the grain related ones. we arent vegetarians but eat meat only about once a week, if that so i am always looking for smart healthy new recipes. snow peas and pea tendrils and mint are also raging at the farmers market so i think i might make some of this simple mint pea dip and have it on toasts with a soft boiled egg one night for dinner.  

flowers for friday

April 22, 2011

ive been a little excited, since wednesday, to share todays post. its topiaries!!! miniature tree topiaries to be exact – one is an olive tree and the other a dwarf euonymus – arent they simply charming~
topiary is an ancient art, and has seen many changes and adaptations over time. the word topiary derives from the latin name of an ornamental landscape gardener, topiarus, or creator of topia(places). i love this little factoid because that is precisely what these tiny beauties are doing – creating a sense of place- like a tiny secret garden. if you are celebrating easter with a meal wouldn’t these topiary down a long burlap runner mixed with naturally hued eggs be the loveliest spring tablescape. 

As you can imagine the topiary art came to america from the palace and cottage gardens of england. they came into particular favor in the colonial revival gardens of the upper class during the american renaissance 

there are loads of books and other sources of information on this wonderful tradition so you can read lots more info if your curiosity has been piqued.  

images: topiaries;cottage farm. eggs;readingmytealeaves 

wine list wednesday

April 20, 2011

all of the fresh spring vegetable are bursting from the farmer’s market – snow peas, mint, pea tendrils and lots of lemons – and so a crisp bright wines was most certainly the only option – 

Terra Robles made by the Robert Hall vineyard. 
its bright on the tongue – perhaps just a hair too acidic, but has nice citrus, grapefruit and pairs nicely with food. what i particularly liked about the terra robles is the lovely mouthful of orange blossom and honey – quite unexpected but very welcome – 
delightfully priced at 9$
pair with fresh pea and mint risotto. 

flowers for friday

April 8, 2011

 happy friday everyone. i spent the earliest part of wednesday at the san francisco flower market, a must if you are in town or if you ever visit. the anemone this time of year are absolutely gorgeous & locally grown so i couldnt resist picking up a few bunches – i love the contrast of their dark centers with aged silver and pewter vases…. i wish they had had a little more time to open but alas…
still lovely i think and i adore how all the colors look mixed together. 

simon pearce

April 7, 2011

vermont has a very special place in my heart. as a child i spent many vacations exploring its woods and experiencing its landscape. i spent winters there learning to ski and to love the crisp cold sound of snow underfoot. eventually i attended college there and lived some of the most important years of my life. 

vermont is a state unlike any other, handmade has always been and remains a way of life. hard work, creative thinking & kindness are the most valued traits a person can possess. when i am an old woman i hope to own a little piece of land with a brook running though the back in a sweet little town somewhere in the state. there i will master the art of fly fishing, raise bees and grow things from the earth….

as a child i have vivid memories of visiting the studios of Simon Pearce. the pottery and glass blowing were equally captivating. the studio sits in a mill at the crest of a huge falls on the Ottauquechee River. through a maze of things i could never touch and down into the belly was where the demonstrations happened. so vivild is this experience etched into my mind i can still feel the heat of those fires on my face. 

it is a beautiful company with an inspired history. i was thumbing through their catalogue last evening and couldnt help but share some of their work – 
brookfield nesting bowls; hartland candlesticks; corinth thistle vase; barre serving bowls