Baked Oysters with a Black Pepper Cognac Mignonette & a WolfGourmet giveaway

December 21, 2016

It seems that many of my holiday traditions are wrapped up in the places from which my family hail, going back generations and to all manner of countries. Traditions and foods transplanted from our great and great-great grandparents. Though I would expect some sticky points in the translations have occurred over the years, in general, my holidays rely largely on the flavours of elsewhere.

This year,I wanted to add something to our holiday table and traditions which celebrated where we are right now; in this moment, season and of this place. Oysters are of course all about provience, about the place from which they hail. Luckily these chilly east coast waters produce some lovely varieties.  Even with just a few miles between them, oysters have the ability to taste different and distinct from their neighbors. This partially explains my great affinity for them, the other being that they are simply delicious. With winter’s short days and plummeting temperatures the waters have turned truly frigid, making it the perfect time for plump New England oysters.

Of course the winter season also has me craving foods and flavors that are warming and comfort inducing. So naturally I settled on the idea of roasted and baked oysters. The mignonette is inspired by a drink I once encountered in my travels which struck me at the time as having lots of potential in the kitchen. I enjoy that fiery kick of biting into a black peppercorn and find it delightful but if you don’t, I would recommend straining them before adding the shallots to the cognac.

Oysters are the ultimate fast food, shucked and eaten raw, or in this case needing less than 10 minutes to bake. They can be made in round after round as people trickle in and out of holiday parties. They also make the perfect late night snack. The Wolf Gourmet countertop oven is beautifully suited to the task of cooking up half a dozen or so oysters at a time. The Counter-top oven is truly welcomed extra help during the holidays when the ovens are bursting, I’m also looking forward to baking up a storm with it. The technical precision, especially when it comes to even temperature, of the counter-top oven is far superior to my fickle gas oven. Im also excited for the convection option, as again, this is not something available to me in my larger ovens.

With the kitchen inevitably churning during the holidays things can become quite crowded both in the ovens and around the island. I love the idea of setting up a little oyster station slightly off to the side so guests can help themselves and be included in the pure joy of the holiday cooking process as well.

Find the entire recipe and more photos over on WolfGourmet’s blog  just click through for the link.

Im also so very excited to be partnering with WolfGourmet to give away one of these brilliant convection countertop oven. WolfGourmet has this year received six international awards for design excellence, honoring this countertop oven among them. 

Wishing you and yours a happy and delicious holiday season!

To Enter the giveaway for the WolfGourmet Countertop Oven featured in this post: 

leave a comment on the current days Instagram photo (or click on the instagram photo in the margin) telling me what new-to-you recipe you would like to make for 2017 and using the #MyWolfGourmetGiveAway.
the winner will be randomly selected on 27 December 2016


*this post is in partnership with Wolf Gourmet. All opinions are my own.

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