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Red Onion and Walnut Tart

April 13, 2016

blog.krissyosheaphotography2016-4 blog.krissyosheaphotography2016-7It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and in the case of this recipe, that is exactly what happened.

This invention was born on one of those days of one of those weeks. A white rabbit sort of a week. The kind where you spend the whole week rushing around never knowing quite what day it is and perpetually shouting, either into the phone or just in your own head, “im late! im late”

And then comes Friday, and all you want to do is sigh a great sigh of relief and relax, perhaps pour a little glass of red wine and have something which feels very decent and indulgent on the table.

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Food and Lifestyle Photography and Styling Workshop in Croatia




Join Sanda of LittleUpsideDownCake & me for a 5 night photography and lifestyle retreat in Croatia.


This October (5th – 9th) we will call the tiny island of Zlarin home. Set just a few miles offshore from the Croatian mainland, this picturesque island is one of the only a handful on the Adriatic Sea where  cars are not allowed, making it an idyllic spot to nurture the imagination and encourage relaxation.


Tucked away in this beautifully rugged little seaside paradise, dotted with fig and cypress trees, we will have the chance to fill our lungs with fresh salty air and awaken our creative spirits. Here, in this intimate setting, we will delve into the creative process, exploring the art of photography and styling. You will learn how to create, shoot & style still life scenes and we will discuss the use of natural light, camera mechanics, prop selection and scene creation.


Over the 5 days, we will also explore the local lifestyle and regional cuisine of the island from leisurely al fresco lunches in the garden to boat rides on the brilliant blue Adriatic. A visit to one of the area’s most well known vineyard is also on the itinerary.  


While days will be dedicated to learning and exploration, evenings will focus on the simple joys of gathering, sharing meals and  the camaraderie of conversation. This time to reflect and relax is as important as our information filled days to fostering the creative process and finding personal inspiration. Our rustic island house will serve as the gathering space for us throughout the workshop and its large table a lively assembling place.


We hope you will join us in Croatia this October! We look forward to meeting you.

_MG_8081 lisbon.krissyosheaphotography2015-7_MG_8556


– dates: 5th – 9th of October

–  island Zlarin, Croatia

– price: 1400€

– 10 participants

– 3 whole days of food and lifestyle photography

– 4 breakfasts

– 3 lunches

– 4 dinners

– drinks and snacks during the workshop


Transportation, outings and accommodation covered in the cost of the ticket

Nearest major airports are Zadar and Split  

There are daily ferries to and from the mainland. Ferries leave from Sibenik

Please note, airfare and transportation to the workshop is not included in the ticket price

Rooms and beds are shared (*or you have the option to arrange your own accommodation on the island, if you do not wish to share beds)

Deposit of 50% is needed for registration and a final payment will be due August 31, 2016.

There will be no refunds on cancellation.

For reservation please contact us on: or and we will send you more details.MG_6927  cottagefarmcity.krissyosheaphotography2016-37

miso roasted spring parsnips and baby kale salad

April 6, 2016



The first signs of spring are pushing their way into the world. Tiny green shoots among the previous years grasses, delicate snow drops dot the gardens and the old magnolia tree is heavy with buds. Some days I find myself lighting a fire in the fire-place but other days, I have the windows thrown open, perhaps prematurely as I end up wrapped in layers, but the heady smell of the new season is powerful and irresistible; anything seems possible.

There is something thrilling about the first days of any new season but particularly I think to spring. Storms blow through often and with unmatched ferocity. Frost creeps in when you don’t expect and the occasional few inches of snow are still falling. These early days ask us to, rather consistently in fact, embrace the unexpected. As temperatures flip-flop and time changes come to pass, plunging us into darkness where there had been light and lifting the shadow of dark winter afternoons, we must wait patiently for what we know is coming.  I, somewhat happily, awoke the other morning to find spring banished altogether and in its place, a wintery blanket of snow. Confused and delighted, I pulled on my boots and trudged out into the white world knowing full well that it wouldn’t last into the afternoon. I think it a bit remarkable that even after being away from this place for so long, I still understand its basic pulse.  I feel pleased that the childhood memories of this land, not the film strip type of memory but the ones embedded and entwined in the land, endure after so much time away.

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