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open kitchen shelving

July 29, 2011

sorry for the lack of flower post this week, I have a large wedding on monday and I know there will be plenty of flowers after that plus my flowers from last week as still looking cheery. instead today i thought i would share a few more goings on around the house. 
sadly at some point the original kitchen cabinets (i estimate the building is from about the 1930’s) were taken out and replaced with generic white mdf cabinets. but the good news, this has created a few little places for me to introduce some open shelving. over the weekend we installed 3 of these ikea shelves in the kitchen. one replaced a tired shelf that was already hanging over the kitchen sink and the other two are in a little alcove by the doorway. 

a little touch up is still needed around where the lines of the old shelf used to be but that will get done eventually. 

I love that i can look at some of my pretty bowls and glasses while sitting at my table… what do you think? 
i hope you all have lovely weekends. I will be whipping up some flowers for a wedding on monday, hitting the flea market and doing a few more house projects. see you monday


simple summer soiree

July 28, 2011

i find there is nothing more satisfying than a simple dinner of steamed shellfish. Its my favorite one pot meal for entertaining. A pretty dutch oven on the center of the table ladened with steamed mussels or clams and very little else is needed. It seems to be perfect for any season, but its quick cooking time and bountiful outcome seem especially well suited to an unfussy summer meal. I particularly like this recipe
      With the deep purple, blue and black hues of the mussel shell as inspiration, i imagined a table as simply beautiful as the meal. 

napkin, ramekin, paper lantern, wine, wine glass, dutch oven, ironstone bowls, wooden board, cheese

francesca woodman

July 19, 2011

francesca woodman is a favorite artist. in her very short life she created some of the most beautiful and haunting images. she seemed to have an intimate and innate understating of the language of photography and her use of everyday objects, environments and her body is extraordinary. 

happy friday

July 15, 2011

happy friday all! do you have anything planned for the weekend ? 
im sorry there are no flowers this friday but i am off on a girls weekend! something i havent done for a very long time and im so looking forward to it. im headed to san diego, a city i havent yet visited so it there will be lots explore, warm weather and laughter. 
enjoy your precious days, i will see you back here on monday! bon voyage 

image. proud mary 

looking forward

July 14, 2011

im seriously loving these jacquard pants for fall. ive seen them pop up in a few look books and im soooo excited, i cant wait to wear them….. i know its a little early and im sorry, im not trying to rush summer, not that there has been much of one here in sf. ive woken up the last 3 mornings to rain…. but what do you think? love em or hate em

 images: jcrew fall lookbook, net-a-porter

interior inspiration

July 13, 2011

i cant stop staring at this room. it seems so utterly simple, filled with neutrals and sparsely decorated – so many of the things i love so very much. 
but there are details that make this room extraordinary – those black handles on the windows, the unusual and unexpected shape of the chair, that touch of elegance in the chrome lamp.
-it feels so beachy & feminine without feeling at all contrived. i would like to sit awhile. 

image. amire weitzman’s home via designsponge

new england blueberry muffins

July 12, 2011

this is my moms recipe for blueberry muffins. 

1/2 C butter
1 1/4 C sugar
2 eggs
1 tablespoon baking powder
dash of salt
1/2 C milk
2 C flour
2 1/2 C of blueberries 

cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl. add the egg. mix in the dry ingredients. add the milk. finally carefully fold in the blueberries. 

butter the bottom and sides of your muffin tin. spoon mixture into the cups, about 3/4 of the way full. sprinkle generously with sugar. 

bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes. remove from oven and let stand in pans for about 30 minutes. 

makes 12 large muffins.  

tine k home

July 8, 2011

i feel like ive fallen down a perfectly cozy little rabbit hole when looking at the catalogue photos from tine k home . beautifully rustic and simply elegant. im loving the moody grey/blue color palette. it seems chic on the one hand, while eliciting all the casualness of summer.

blueberries are arriving at the farmers market and im dreaming of my moms amazing morning muffins. perfect for a breakfast outside in big wicker chairs with a cup of tea – hopefully before anyone else is awake. 

blue note: before & after

July 7, 2011

im feeling pretty lucky to finally a landlord that is open to paint colors and other home projects! this weekend i tackled the door out to the patio – it is also the entrance we will use when entertaining and its viewable from both the patio and the living room when we have just the screen door open –
it was in pretty bad condition and probably hadnt been painted in a few years (like 8) also, no one had bothered to paint around the door hardware so it was also covered in layers of grimy off whiteish paint. 
first order of business was to get to the screws which were under said layers – a few goes of citristrip (*this stuff is miraculous and you can find it at lowes) and i could just about get to the screws to get the hardware off. after that was done i put the door knob and plate in a bath of stripper and just let it do its thing.
next i washed and lightly sanded the door to prep it for new paint & taped off the windows. its a bit of work but its worth it in the end. a few coats of benjamen moores exterior low luster finish in “blue note” & voila – new door! 
 oh! and i was thrilled to find nice old brass under all that paint, doesnt the doorknob look great – i sometimes feel badly about polishing old metal, like silver and copper, because the patina is so wonderful after so long but i never feel that way with brass – the older it is the more gorgeous and muted the color and texture – so a bit of brasso and a serious arm work out and the hardware was glistening. 

what do you think? now im wondering if i should paint the screen door too? and im thinking those steps need a new coat of white