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acapulco chair

June 23, 2011

a bit of a love affair with a chair – i first spied this beautiful chair in the above photo…great design in the most simplistic of form and it looks like the perfect place to cozy up and read or thumb through magazines for inspiration. Im still garnering inspiration for the patio this entire apartment. at first i really liked these chairs from ikea, though now ive had a look at them and im not so sure – 

but the acapulco chair has me all misty-eyed and thinking about morning coffee and evening cocktails on the patio. it comes in a range of colors too, but i think i best like the black. 

it is now being handmade by greenpointworks, a brooklyn based company… better start saving my pennies 

images, emmas & second two okdesign 

a sweet spoonful

June 15, 2011

at each turn of the season there are particular things that i am really excited for- fiddlehead ferns for example and pea tendrils in spring….and rhubarb. im wild about is the first delicate stalks of rhubarb – my most favorite dessert in the world has to be warm rhubarb compote over really good (even preferably homemade) vanilla ice-cream. simple to the point goodness. 

i was delighted to stumble across A Sweet Spoonful . Megan is an oakland based food blogger and im dying to try some of her recipes. i love that she is local since that means we will be on the same growing schedule and uses local produce in her recipes! she has recently posted two rhubarb recipes: a rhubarb compote and a gorgeous rustic strawberry rhubarb pie

megan’s photographs are so inspiring – the rustic pie just might have to be the first thing i make in my new kitchen. do take a look over at a sweet spoonful 

all images courtesy of a sweet spoonful


June 14, 2011

well the move is finished!! & im exhausted and missing you all – i cant wait to be settled. there are mountains of boxes ahead of me but i wanted to take a moment and check in…. 
how were your weekends?
im loving the calm summery feeling of this light airy bedroom – how dreamy to have your big fluffy bed open out onto a patio. 
my internet is hopefully being installed tomorrow so i should be back to a regular schedule by the end of this week – and ive a scrumptious post for tomorrow already in the works – 

image: a wild world

flowers for friday

June 10, 2011

 the peonies are gorgeous at the moment – voluptuous and the layers and layers of petals remind me of delicate downy feathers. i couldnt resist these pale creamy pink peonies paired with clippings from the lemon tree in the back yard. this is my last post from this apartment – ill be back on monday from the new place. 
happy weekends everyone – 

happy birthday to my mom

June 7, 2011

my mom is one of the most important people in my life. she is a beautiful, immensely talented person and a pillar of support. i wish i could be there to help her celebrate but im sending lots of love and wishes from the left cost to her today. 
shes the cute little nugget on the right and thats my aunt on the far left. 
i love you mom & happy birthday.