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flowers for friday

May 27, 2011

 the poppy, so simple and yet an elegance unparalleled. paired with a locally made heath ceramics vase & an unexpected piece of studio pottery that reminds me of the gnarled tough bark of an old tree; an interesting contrast to the effervescent, crepe paper like poppy. enjoy, and happy friday!

open studios : heath ceramics

May 23, 2011

this weekend was on of the busiest ive had in a very long time & there wasnt even a wedding, well not one i was working on at least. 

it was glorious to have the entire weekend and i took advantage of every second. there were loads of things happening in and around the bay area, so many the city was running shuttles around to the different event so that people could try and pack in as much as possible. 
saturday was spent at the heath ceramics open studios (thanks jane for the heads up!) with lunch at cavallo point. this amazing bay area hotel is filled with the photographs of local artist and we strolled around taking advantage of the amazing art on view. i just wish we could have seen into the rooms, each features the work of a different photographer.
in the evening it was off to try a new pho place (a few of us here have a passion for this big bowl of vietnamese soup and travel around the city trying out new places) we finished with Artpad – an art showcase put on at the phoenix hotel
phew, and that was just saturday! 
it was a lot but i wanted to share some photos i took at the beautiful heath ceramics studio in sausalito. 

the two types of clay used at heath – a lighter and a darker base clay, rolled out in slabs and ready to be turned into beautiful objects. 

the seat of the master mold maker at heath, i couldnt help but love him all the more as he sits each day in a hot pink old eames chair – amazing right?!
a few shots of the various stations along the way, handles are attached, lids are made, pieces are dried

testing out some new glazes & a the new house numbers. i love the final shot of the classic bud vases in various stages of drying. look how much smaller the vase is when it is finally finished (1st on the left is a finished piece) 
many of the original designs first created by edith heath (who also went to the san francisco arts institute, where i did my masters!) are still in production today, a tribute to her vision and the beauty of her work. 
i treated myself to my first piece of heath too! a bud vase of course, in cream. i thought it would be perfect to place the little floral stragglers that are inevitably left after i make an arrangement – to give them a sense of grandeur.

flowers for friday

May 20, 2011

i love this combination, its elegant and romantic but still has a bit of an edge to it – just like a true garden. 
white scabiosa, white peony, thistle, poppy pods & green succulents 

Cottage Farm is 2

May 16, 2011

cottage farm is 2 today. i cant believe it!  i first opened the store to help me with the material expenses of grad school and since i graduated last year cottage farm has become a full time endeavor for me. thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, it has been at times challenging but also very rewarding.  i hope the next two years are as much fun as these have been. 

flowers for friday

May 13, 2011

 flowers for friday. purple artichoke, dusty miller & white ranunculus. i love this combination, rustic but refined and almost a black & white photo quality 

for love of: laura letinsky

May 12, 2011

 recently ive been thinking about the work of laura letinsky. i attended a lecture of hers about a year ago and ive been rolling her images over in my mid alot as of late. 

like modern day vanitas they have a persistent quality of absence. i find myself studying them for clues about who has just left the room and the lives contained just outside the frame. 

beautiful to look at – soft but striking pallets and lots of little details to captivate. 

wine list wednesday

May 11, 2011

a little chardonnay for this wednesday. the cameron hughes 2009 los carneros chardonnay pairs perfectly with this farm fresh salad. i really loves wines from the carneros region of napa. this white has a warm buttery profile as you would expect from a chardonnay with lovely creamy flavors of vanilla and pineapple with the right amount of toasted oak flavor, not too much. what i especially liked about this chardonnay is the unexpected, slightly citrusy burst at the end. its truly delightful and just picks up the whole in-your-mouth experience so beautifully. 

its really is a nice little wine and at around 15$ a bottle, its perfect for the upcoming summer salad and seafood season. i be it would also pair so well with mussels or grilled prawns. 

fruits of labor : farm fresh

its spring in california and produce is amazing at the moment. such a treat after a very long winter of dark greens, lots of dark leafy greens. 

i pretty much pulled all of my favorites together for this dish. pea tendrils, asparagus, mint & citrus. 

serves 2 or 4 if used as a starter salad. 

shaved asparagus salad. 

1 bunch of asparagus, shaved. ** see note. 
1 lemon, juiced. use about 3/4 of the juice and add more if needed.  
1 tsp cracked black pepper
1 tsp corse ground salt
1 tbsp evoo
8 or so mint leaves,sliced into ribbons.  
a few needles of rosemary very finely minced 

combine all ingredients in a bowl and let stand. stirring occasionally 

soft boil eggs 1 -2 per person depending upon desire. 
place eggs in a sauce pan and cover with water. turn on high heat. when water just comes to a boil, turn off heat and cover immediately. let stand 5 minutes exactly. rinse under cold water and peel. it should be just soft boiled. 

wilted pea tendrils. 
1 bunch of pea tendrils, washed and chopped aprox 1.5″ to remove the woody ends. 
1 head and stalk of green garlic. 

in a large saute pan over low heat sweat green garlic. aprox 5 minutes then add prepared pea tendrils. turning constantly until just wilted. 3-4 mins. turn off pan and let stand until ready to serve. 
i suggest turning on the eggs and starting pea tendrils wilting at the same moment. 

to plate, place wilted pea tendrils down in a shallow bed, top with asparagus salad and halves of soft boiled eggs. 

serve with crusty baguette, fresh goat cheese and a crisp white wine. 

with a veggie peeler. start about mid way down the stalk and shave                   around the stalk until it just falls off. this creates a nice variance of texture. repeat closer to the tip. saving just the tips for added contrast. 

little bits of velvet

May 10, 2011

lately ive been noticing little bits of velvet here and there. it seems that many of the photos i have pulled in the last little while have incorporated velvet fabrics into their scheme. i love the bit of luxury and instant depth it adds to these interiors
i first started thinking about the material after spying this handsome devil a few months ago

these interiors all seem to remind me of a tucked away country home & the velvet effortlessly adds qualities of a more relaxed, lived in vibe, something im quite fond of. while avoiding feeling too formal or fussy. which is what i normally equated with velvets. im not sure how well velvet would sit in my san francisco apartment however. does the fairly temperate climate really suit such a material? 

images. stylemadesimple, emmasdesignblog, canadian house&home, (final 2) simon upton

flowers for friday

May 6, 2011

lots of rich color and texture all set off by a stunning blue and white asian inspired vase. oxblood french tulips, watermelon peonies, tiny fuchsia dutch tulips and some of the season’s last dogwood…. its voluptuous and velvety and not at all hard to look at.