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henri cartier-bresson

January 28, 2011

the father of street photography, and with an mfa in photography images etched in my mind. last night i went to see selected images from the life’s work of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

it was like chicken soup for my head and heart. i find comfort in looking at a body of work made though most of the world’s huge changes which can maintain a sense of humor about itself and its subjects or in the same scope be calm and intimate and reflective. the first photo of the couple on the train is my favorite of his. 

if you are in the bay area, you should go to the sfmoma and see the show. otherwise i encourage you to take a few minutes and look at his photos online or better yet – find a library with a few of his books and spend some time with them. 

interior inspiration : the king’s speech

January 24, 2011

 i hope you all had lovely weekends. i went to go and see the king’s speech. if you are thinking about it, go! if you’ve seen it already then you know that its not only a wonderful movie, but ahhh the sets. the sets are amazing. I was captivated by the use of color and texture running through most every scene in this film. 

the sets were designed by Eve Stewart and she has done a simply spectacular job. 
the above photos of logue’s office has the stunning monet like watercolor treatment on the walls. its sparely set with just a few beautiful old rugs and a leggy needlepointed baroque couch with gold trim. it reminds me of a toasthome set. 

i wish i could find photos for everything i loved, but i guess youll have to take my word for it and just go see the movie. 

in addition to these photographs here i was mesmerized by a large club chair in lionel’s office. its got that classic men’s club shape but is covered in a grey and black watercolor type fabric with texture galore. 

you can just see it in the back right of this photo!

I also love the scene of the logue’s family living room. you believe that it is of the moment (early 1940’s) and yet it has distinctly modern feel. the entire room is done in tones of Blue -damask wall paper, large tufted sofas- carpet. its spell binding and looks like it walked off the pages of elle decor. 

i could go on, a scene filled entirely of black and white patterns as the king walks up the church aisle, the textile filled room where he delivers his first wartime speech, the scottish castle filled with plaids- but instead i insist that you simply must see it all for yourself. 

In with the Mid Century Modern : the finished product

January 20, 2011

im so! excited to share the sequel to In with the Mid Century Modern 

you all may remember that i found this chair in the back of a salvage truck on the street in san francisco. literally sitting atop a mountain of junk being removed from a basement somewhere around hayes valley. after a brief chat with the driver of this truck and a few eye rolls from SOS the chair was mine. 

and then the dilemma began. what?! was i going to use for fabric, what style cushion, what size cushion, welting or no welting. i must have looked at 50 different fabric and changed my mind 200 times. you can see my progress in this post. and in the end i chose exactly what i thought i didnt want at the start and i couldnt be more thrilled with the outcome. THRILLED!

 i took a risk (well risk for me anyway not for some) on the fabric choice. one day it was just like bam! sitting there at the fabric store right in front of me and i knew that was it. from there i let the fabric and the line of the chair guide me as far as cushion style and size. im so excited. 

i hope you enjoyed this little series and i would love to hear what you think.

 P.S. i picked up a new project last night and will be starting another little series on that. 

wine list wednesday

January 19, 2011

sorry for my little absence – the end of last week was a bit crazy what with last minute flowers needed for a wedding and the holiday. but im back with my second installment of wine list wednesday. 

this week its a red its much more refined and sophisticated that the one last week – the 2005 bottle of the St. Supery cabernet sauvignon.

i was expecting a big napa cab but is delicate and light. I let it breath for about 40mins. before tasting – pretty yummy. light with rich black fruit flavors. juicy at the front and good dryness at the end. i would even through the word velvety in there.  overall very well rounded. 

18$ at safeway (thought it was on sale. i think it usually retails for about 25$)

it would be nice with lamb or even a spicy pizza. 
i would get it again. 

chair obsession. ch07

January 13, 2011

im slowly coming to terms with the fact that i have a chair addiction. I just find them irresistible  today im obsessing over this sleek beauty. the Carl Hansen CH07 shell lounge chair.

wine list wednesday : Ruston

January 12, 2011

im excited for my first wine list wednesday post. unfortunately im less excited about the wine i chose for this first post : 

Ruston 2008 sauvignon blanc. 6.99$ at trader joes. 

a plus for this wine is that the vineyard was certified organic in 2008, but it was a bit unbalanced for my liking and tasted the best on the 3rd night after i opened it.

it did have bright citrus fruit and was crisp as you would expect from a sav. blanc.  but right out of the bottle all of this was lost by the overpowering acidity. on the third night after opening however this overly acidic and slightly tart aspect of the wine had for the most part died away and it had a richer more honey based flavor. 

moral of the story. i might sight this guy on the shelf another 6 months and see what happens. 

fruits of labor. first feast of 2011

January 5, 2011

last night was our first dinner together at home of 2011.
simplicity, homemade and good wine were on the menu. smoked salmon, oysters, cheese, capers and red onion accompanied by homemade irish brown bread and fresh satsuma mandarin and a light but earthy syrah.
after all the holiday travel and eating out it was so nice to finally be home again sharing a meal – this dinner was the perfect way to set off the new year. we make a conscious decision to eat at home as much as possible. We also eat meat only about once a week if that. I have been reading Anthony Bourdain’s newest book “Medium Raw: a bloody valentine to the world of food and the people who cook” and while its written in his expectedly brash and sometimes over the top style he raises some interesting points about the importance of featuring meat as the main part of the meal or as the case may be moving away from it as the focal point.
we are lucky enough to live in a part of california that is food-centric and always has an amazing selection of fresh vegg. making it easier to choose an eating style which features more veggies and very little meat. im by no means a vegetarian (though i was earlier in life for about 10yrs) but personally i notice a huge difference in the way i feel physically when i eat less meat and more vegg.

I am going to be more diligent in 2011 about doing more fruits of labor posts and sharing more recipes. I will also be introducing a new weekly column – Wednesday Wine List look for that to start next week!
find the recipe for the brown bread here.
glasses pictured can be found in the shop