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outings: pelican inn and muir beach

September 20, 2010

i spent my misty wet sunday at the beach. I did a hike of the costal fire road and surrounding area in and around muir beach. It was a pleasant temperature but very very wet. After 4 hours hiking we decided to take a bit of cover at the Pelican Inn. Its the most charming little english inn nestled at the entrance to the beach. You really feel as though you have been transported back 100 years an to england.

We cozied up in a corner next to dark panels and tapestried benches and ordered beers and the most delicious beef stew and a cheese plate. its was heaven.
We stayed for hours it continued being wet outside and yet was incredibly bright which made the ambiance inside even more welcoming. Once we dried off a bit and were warmed by the good food, spirits and company we were off again. Spend the afternoon romping on the beach and making little collages out of our findings.

Karl and Ester – Farmhouse chic

September 9, 2010

recently ive been really drawn to very simple things, im usually pretty casual in my all around philosophy but ive been even more aware of textures, natural colors and patinas. I cant help but think that im channeling the scandinavian roots of my great grand-parents, Karl and Ester, who’s farm the shop is named after


They emigrated from Sweden around the turn of the century and lived in an adorable but very utilitarian farmhouse. Ive had my eye on a lot of farmhouse items with a scandinavian bent recently…here a little sneak peek of whats coming to the shop soon!