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fruits of labor: swedish meatballs

September 26, 2009

with fall fast approaching i thought i would share one of my favorite cool weather dinners thats easy enough to make on the weeknights. this is a dish i have been eating since longer than i can remember, and it has been passed down through the women in my family- i love it so much i though i would share it with you all.

this recipe is for two plus some for lunch the next day, its also a great appetizer to bring to a party with some pretty toothpicks and napkins! and you can make them a day ahead.
1lb of ground beef (highest quality)
1/2 cup of bread crumbs
1 tbsp of minced green bell pepper
1/2 small onion minced
1 egg
a conservative 1/2 cup of milk
2 tbsp of dried thyme or 9 springs of fresh.
salt and pepper generously
combine all ingredients well in a large bowl, then take a small pinch of the mixture between your index and middle fingers and thumb take a small pinch of the mixture and roll into a nice ball. it should be approximately the diameter of a quarter
in an extra large frying pan melt 2 tbsp of butter to coat the bottom of the pan over medium high heat and begin to add your meatballs, turn frequently so that all sides become nicely browned and they are cooked through. when all of the meatballs have been cooked turn the pan up to high and deglaze with about half a bottle of dark beer and reduce for a nice sauce, you can also use water. i love to serve them with mashed potatoes and a crisp green salad.

a modern farm table

September 14, 2009

so im fantasizing today about not living in a tiny studio in the city, but about a big old farmhouse in the country – especially one with a long, long scrubbed wooden dining table – so that i could cook for all my friends, eat, drink wine and make general merriment – here are some images so you to can share in my little country dinner party fantasy!! ive found some lovely things to keep you occupied while your at the table too! check out these hand designed linens by elisabethbentz
as usual im loving the combinations of modern, traditional, rustic, formal and above all simple – and im finding that i just cant escape blue and white as one of my favorite combinations, it always looks fresh, crisp and clean, but there are so many possibilities! guess thats why its been a favorite for centuries –

from the home of designer darrylcarter

make a wish: hans wegner wishbone chairs

September 3, 2009

so i first spotted this sleek piece of furniture in the sept.09 issue of food&wine magazine – just a tiny corner, a hint, a glimpse of the sophisticated wishbone chair. seems a few people around here already know about it since it was designed by the renowned danish furniture designer hans wegner – but if you are already enlightened try for a moment to return to that state of euphoria you felt when you first made this stunning discovery – aaahh see now you know how i am feeling – and i thought since it is such a stunning piece that you wouln’t mind spending a little bit of your thursday morning with it – what a truly stunning piece this really is – it very well may be my first adult purchase, seriously im that head over heals for it!
its almost hard to believe that these chairs were designed around 60 years ago!! having grown up on the east coast they remind me of a much much much cooler hitchcock chair – do you see the similarity that i see??
what i like about the hitchcock chair is its clean lines, woven seat and dark frame – and its also what attracts me most to the wishbone chairs – they have that farmhouse feel only a super super chic farmhouse feel- simple, clean lined with an air of aristocracy but also a humbleness to them in that woven seat – again a modern take on a classic – and a way to bring freshness into the farmhouse – to lighten up that traditional rustic heaviness a bit and give it some elegance with out being fussy or overly complicated the above and below images capture this attraction nicely.

as seen on the citysage – for more images of these chairs look here

here i love the way the white table and natural color of the chair give this a cottage feel – again the versitlity or chamelion like quality of these chairs to go from rustic farm house to formal town house with ease and above all sophistication is astounding – a new love to obsess over – ive already begun scouring craigslist in any city i have a friend and eby – let the games begin!

a gastro guide en france

September 1, 2009

my favorite part of traveling somewhere unfamiliar is always the gastronomic experience – its an adventure in itself, sometimes simply ordering can prove unfamiliar and strange, but with out a doubt it is always memorable – i managed to buy a a few ounces of black peppercorns from this spice merchant tucked away in the cool streets of this old seaside town – now every time i make a dish using black pepper i will instantly be transported back to this moment in time! i love the way a smell has the ability to do that –

i also bought a few kinds of these olives to accompany lunch one day – i ended up with some of the bright green ones – which had a fresh almost lemony flavor and soft texture and a firmer olive which was infused with a bit of spice from some chillies – they were just as tasty as they look! i wish there was one of these stands in san francisco –

one of they days i spent in Chapsal there was – thank my lucky stars a french street food festival in honor or what else? cheese!! blue cheese to be exact, a blue specific to that region in france and so so so tasty – of course while the blue was the bell of the ball what would a street food festival be with out bread! unfortunately this baker asked me not to take pictures after i snapped this one below – which is to bad he has some mouth watering offerings. of course he did make it up to me buy offering a huge hunk of blueberry sweet bread – a truce to be sure

making blue cheese crepes – to die for!

this little guy was there too – dont worry he wasnt with the street food vendors – he was simply there to look cute and get his picture taken – i just had to put him up for you to fawn over – i was glad to see that even french donkey moms give their kids bowl cuts! – but seriously isnt your heart melting right now

to die for and these are some of the yummy treats that we prepared for out lunches and breakfasts out of all of the good things we were able to find in the french markets – i miss it already – though with out it i will remain able to fit in my pants which is a good thing